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Playing Activities - Supported and Independent Modes

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2014 05:34PM UTC
Please note this article applies only to Personal, Professional, and District subscription accounts.

Performance-tracking activities that have clear right and wrong answers typically have Supported and Independent modes of play. You can choose the mode of play that is most appropriate for each student to whom you assign  the activity.
  • Supported mode - The student receives feedback as to correct and incorrect answers while the activity is being played.

  • Independent mode - The student will not receive any feedback until the activity has been completed.
You can set the mode of play from the student's Activity List Professional and District subscriptions only) or from your Playlist (all subscriptions).

To set the mode of play from the student's Activity List: (Professional and District accounts only)
  1. From the Student Profile page, scroll down the student's list of activities.

  2. If the activity offers Supported and Independent modes, select the appropriate radio button.

To set the mode of play from your Playlist:

  1. Select the Edit Activity Settings button (see the illustration below).

  2. On the Activity Settings dialog, select Supported Mode (true or false)>

Note: You can change the mode of play at any time. For example, you may want to start the student out in supported mode, and then, when the student becomes more proficient with the activity, switch to independent mode.

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